We Clean With Integrity!

Prime Cleaning handles all types of businesses, large and small. We have professionally trained and experienced cleaning experts who offer a wide range of cleaning services for all industries, including healthcare, food and beverage, and warehouses.

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Church Cleaning Service

When you work with Prime Cleaning Nashville, you can be confident that your church is being cleaned and maintained by trained professionals who understand how important it is for your congregation to have a clean church building.

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Gym Cleaning Services

We offer gym cleaning services for all sports and leisure facilities, ensuring a safe, dependable, and consistent service.

According to our research, commercial clients frequently look to switch their gym cleaning service providers due to a lack of consistent quality. Some clients considered using internal cleaning staff and dealing with a variety of issues such as recruitment, training, and turnover, but then they decided to outsource their cleaning duties to us.

As an independent family business focused on quality and listening to our customers, we have significantly improved the cleaning standards for these long-term clients.

School Cleaning Services

We can’t dispute that one of the issues that schools encounter is the wide range of housekeeping requirements. In addition to classrooms and offices, several educational facilities feature gymnasiums, pools, computer laboratories, and a range of other special-purpose spaces.

We provide a single point of contact to address all these needs. We can sanitize schools on a monthly or seasonal basis, and provide one-time deep cleaning services, as well as customized services to assist in-house workers.

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Warehouse Cleaning Services

Do you own or operate a warehouse or industrial facility in Nashville? If that’s the case, you don’t need to be told how difficult it is to keep this type of property clean.

It can take a long time to clean everything completely. This is especially true if you lack the requisite skills and equipment to complete the task. Even if you have the necessary certifications and equipment, chances are you don’t have the time to keep up with maintenance.

Hire Prime Cleaning instead of trying to handle all of your industrial property or warehouse cleaning needs on your own.

Medical Office Cleaning Services

We clean doctor’s offices, dental offices, and other facilities used by health practitioners, including spas. Our medical office cleaning services are certified and insured, and we hire professional, fully bonded, and uniformed janitors and day porters to ensure that your medical facility’s safety and quality standards are met.

We have assisted  medical facilities in Nashville with their ongoing cleaning needs, allowing health professionals to focus on giving their patients and clients the attention they deserve.

We offer customized cleaning services that may include high dusting, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and floor waxing. Our day porters will keep your office areas, medical stations, and waiting rooms tidy, attending to such details as the space around and under furniture.

Property Managed Buildings

It can be difficult to manage an apartment building, but it doesn’t have to be. We can handle all of your cleaning needs while you focus on your business.

Let us concentrate on keeping your building(s) clean, safe, and healthy for your tenants. Our apartment cleaning services are unrivaled in the industry. We can handle everything from the common spaces and front desk to the lobbies and offices.